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Licensed pharmacists hold the primary responsibility in dispensing medicine to those who need them. In very small pharmacies, they may be able to handle the workload alone. Often, however, they require assistance from a number of pharmacy technicians. Requirements for this job are simple and high school graduates are often welcome to apply for entry-level positions. Those who wish to get ahead in Rhode Island Warwick may try to acquire more skills through training and get certifications. One such road that they might take is enrollment in the IV technician program. The skills that will be learned through this short program may lead to tremendous career opportunities.

Program Overview

Iv Technician Programs in Rhode Island WarwickThe IV technician program is designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform IV admixture. Cleanliness and proper techniques are emphasized. Technicians must use sterile products and adhere to the highest industry standards in aseptic methodologies. Some programs require students to attend multiple lectures and practice in the lab to perfect the techniques. Others divide the coursework into a home study and an on-campus component to make the schedule easier for full-time workers. Schools only allow certified technicians to take the course and they typically impose a minimum requirement in terms of work experience.   

Core Subjects

The program structure in one state may be slightly different from that of another state. However, as this is related to a medical field, there is a standard which must be maintained. The core subjects are Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), Aseptic Techniques, Sterile Product Preparation, Chemotherapy, Quality Control, and Medication Mixing Methods. Sick people have severely compromised immune systems so technicians are taught ways to prevent mixture contamination and the spread of diseases. These include product sterilization and the correct methods of vial manipulation. The smallest details can mean all the difference in the world so students must focus their attention.

Online Iv Technician Programs in Rhode Island

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Job Prospects

The great news to pharmacy technicians and students is that they are unlikely to run out of jobs in the foreseeable future. Industry projections show a bright future for the healthcare industry as it ramps up to take care of aging Baby Boomers and a steadily increasing population. While some jobs are experiencing contractions, pharmacy technicians are enjoying a significant surge. Growth in the next 10 years is expected to be as much as 32% which is so much faster than the average rate. There were 334,400 technicians employed in 2010 and another 108,300 are expected to be absorbed by the industry by 2020.  

Available Jobs

The influx of new technicians will make it a competitive field. Finishing the IV technician program gives graduates an edge that will allow them to get picked over those with lesser credentials. They will even be able to apply to higher level work. Instead of simply providing assistance to the licensed pharmacist, they could be assigned to work specifically as an IV technician in large operations. The job may entail pharmacy inventory control, performance improvement, infusion compounding, equipment maintenance, supply tracking, area sanitation, and other tasks as needed.

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There are typically jobs to be found in the field of health, even when there don't seem to be any jobs to be found anywhere else. Much education will be necessary for some of the choices, and many will only require training on the job, while still others will only need a high school diploma. There are so many possible career opportunities in the medical field that they couldn't all be covered in a short article. If this article motivates you to seek information about careers other than the ones listed, it has done what it was supposed to.

Iv Technician Training in Warwick RI Rhode Island
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